Mandrágora Tango Endorsements

Mandrágora Tango is proud to endorse the following products and concepts. We are not getting any tangible assets to make these endorsements, but we're willing to make a deal. If you want to reach literally dozens of tango music fans all across the world, let us know.


Photo: Silvia Horwitz

Products and Concepts we all Endorse

  • "La Boca" Malbec from Trader Joe's. Basically, we like all their wines (except, perhaps, 2-Buck Chuck), but "La Boca" Malbec is a great value at about $6 a bottle. It's so good, it's never in stock, so you have to call first to have them squirrel some away for you. Also great from TJ's: peanut-butter filled pretzels, Thai chili-lime peanuts (usually out of stock), dried fruits, mixed berry energy drink, chimichuri rice and dark chocolate-covered espresso beans (indispensable for late-night road trips)
  • Utz Pretzels totally rock. You can't get them in Minnesota, so we stock up when on the east coast.
  • Tap Water. Cool, clean, refreshing and much more ecological than fancy-pants bottled water
  • Hello, Boss canned coffee from Taiwan. About 70 cents a can. This is only available in Asian grocery stores, but it's worth the trip. While you're there, pick up some Wei Chuan frozen dumplings. If you can't find "Hello, Boss", you might want to try his arch-nemesis, Mr. Brown. If you can't find either of these little cans of caffeine goodness, then settle for an overpriced Starbuck's canned "doubleshot", available at grocery stores all over the states.
  • We would ideally like to travel North America in our own Prevost tour bus. Since these things cost more than all our houses combined, we'd settle for a tricked out Dodge Sprinter van. Currently, we tour in Rahn's 2004 Chevy Venture, which is nice enough, but it smells like a mail truck (i.e. like marijuana and body odor). Our fantasy tour bus would be a 50-mpg gas/electric hybrid with sleeping space for 4, room for all the sound gear, and a mini-fridge. Also, while we are talking about fantasy rides, we'd like the drive to be a unicorn that farts rainbows.
  • Cougars. It wouldn't be tango with out 'em!
  • The 5-second rule
  • Shotgun
  • While there is almost no overlap between the NASCAR and Tango demographic, we have decided that Matt Kenseth is our driver. We endorse Big Show as our favorite wrestler (south or the border, we endorse Hijo de Santo)
  • You may think that because we've played at the Loring Pasta Barfor 6 years we don't eat anywhere else. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the Tiwn Cities, we dig Solera, Cafe Ena, the Riverview Cafe, Winebar and Theater, Trung Nam Bakery, Quang Jun Bo and Izzy's Ice Cream. In Chicago, we allways get the all-you-care-to-eat buffet at Sher-i-Punjab
  • The Lenovo Thinkpad (formerly IBM Thinkpad) is the official computer of Mandrágora. All of our music is typeset in Finale and printed out on a HP printer. We buy all our ink from, operated by the "Our Lady of Spring Bank Cistercian Abbey" in Wisconsin. In order to support the order, these brothers sell office supplies instead of fruitcake. They sell a wide range of office supplies at competitive prices.
  • We heartily support the concepts of Open Source Software and the Creative Commons publishing model. Information wants to be free, and we salute all those who liberate it and make their work available for free (see our downloadspage to see how we put our beliefs into action). Firefox is the best web browser ever made. Audacity is an awesome audio editor. Linux is the fastest, most stable operating system around (Caveat: finale does not run on linux, so Bob has to use windows XP at least some of the time)
  • For some reason, Canned pears taste better than fresh ones.
  • Jimmy Carter is by far our favorite living ex-president. His work with Habitat for Humanity and the Carter Center for Human Rights is an inspiration to us all. Our favorite newspaper, The Onion has run some great Satirical Articles on President Carter. (2nd. link has language that some people (like Predisdnet Carter) might find offensive)
  • Minneapolis is much nicer than i St. Paul. Most people outside of the cities can't tell them apart, but trust us when we say that St. Paul is pretty boring. How boring? Well, when the Republican Party had their big convention here, the city let bars pay $2500 for a permit to stay open until 4AM (instead of midnight) during the convention. The bars were dead by midnight anyway, so the city refunded their money. Both cities are really cold in the winter.
  • The new 35W bridge in Minneapolis. None of us cross the bridge regularly, but 3 of us live close by and use the road that goes underneath it to get downtown.

Products and Concepts we all Pretty Much Despise

  • None of us like George Bush or John McCain. However, you probably shouldn't take political advice from a tango band. I'm just saying.
  • Driving at or below the speed limit in the left lane
  • Paper cuts
  • Squash
  • Lite Rock
  • Lite Beer
  • Conservative Talk Radio
  • Road Construction (we like it when it's done, but it sucks to be caught in it.
  • Squealing feedback from an audio system
  • Loud audiences who aren't listening
  • That one dude in every tango community who thinks he knows a lot about tango, but is really a mediocre dancer who talks too much.
  • That one older gentleman in every tango community who wears leather pants.
  • Speeches and toasts that go on too long

Products and Concepts We Can Not Agree Upon, So We Are Neither Endorsing or Despising

  • Porn
  • Matteo's Ex-wives
  • Baseball
  • Cats
  • Gum flavors other than mint.
  • Female tango dancers wearing age-inappropriate clothing.