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April 21, 2013

Musical Examples from Bob's Musicality Lecture

On April 21, 2013, I gave a workshop/lecture with Lois Donnay. For the first part, I talked about tango history and musicality based on this Powerpoint presentation.

I am not the kind of presenter who just reads the slides! There are just a roadmap and a framework on which I can hang my amusing and slightly off-color anecdotes. All-in-all, I am very proud of this presentation and I highly recommend that come to see it the next I'm if offering it in your city.

Here is a link to download the musical examples. I also mentioned a link where you could download 70 of the most common tangos for social dancing. Here it is!

I put together 3 interesting tracks for this presentation:

  1. Here's a track of the first 8-10 seconds of 12 different Tangos, Vals and Milongas. I used this track to try to show the difference. A lot of begining and intermediate students don't know this. Also, the dachshund has nothing to do with tango. I just think s/he looks pretty tough!
  2. Here are the last 16 bars of Carlos DiSarli's Bahia Blanca repeated 6 times. In our class, we went over the skill of ending with the music, and we started using the same tune over-and-over to learn some new steps. And, yes, DiSarli has absolutely nothing to do with Star Wars or Bar-b-q.
  3. I call the final track "16 x 12". It is the last 16 bars (32" or so) from 12 different tangos. If you are an experienced dancer or a tango DJ, can challenge yourself to see how many you can identify. The picture is painting of bandleader Osvaldo Pugliese in the style of an Hispanic icon. Hint: none of the tracks are of Pugliese.

Posted by bbarnes at April 21, 2013 10:04 PM