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December 5, 2011

2011 Mixtapes For Your Listenting Pleasure

2011 Retrospective Remix

Every year I like to put together a mixtape of the coolest stuff I've heard in the past year. (You can tell how old I am because I used the word "mixtape"!) This year, I've put together a few fun mixes that you might get a kick out of. These are all slightly less than 80 minutes and can be burned onto a standard CD.

The centerpiece is this "Restrospective Remix". Here are some of the coolest tunes I've run across over the past year. If you only download one mix, this should be it! (Also, if you look really carefully, you will find a few of our unreleased gems!)

Download as a Zip file

3 Tango Practice Mixes

These mixes are perfect for tango practice. I've broken them up into "Rhythmic" (older-style DiSarli / Biagi / D'Arienzo), "Lyrical" (Troilo, Calo, Pugliese, etc...) and "Electro" (Nuevo and Electronic)
Practice Tango - Rhythmic

Download as a Zip file

Practice Tango - Electro

Download as a Zip file

Practice Tango - Lyrical

Download as a Zip file

Finnish Tango Sampler

This year, I started playing in Tango Pojan Tähden, a Finish tango band featuring Sara Pajaunen and Elina Ruppert. My mind has been blown by the deep variety of Finnish tango out there. Here's a mix of some amazing stuff that I've just learned about. Enjoy!

Download as a Zip file

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