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January 16, 2010

Tango Concert, Milonga and Lecture at the Saint Paul Jewish Community Center

On January 16th, we will be performing a concert, milonga and lecture at the Saint Paul JCC. At 8 PM, we will play a short concert with live dance of Tango with a special emphasis on some of its Jewish origins. After the concert, Lois Donnay will teach an "introduction to tango" lesson for all those who might be inspired to learn to dance. We will follow the lesson with a Milonga (a tango simcha, or dance party) until late in the evening.

Argentine Tango has a rich and fascinating history stretching back over 100 years. Argentina in 1900, much like the United States, was a cultural melting pot of many European immigrants. Today Argentina has the 6th largest Jewish population in the world. Tango, much like Jazz, had influences from many cultures. Just as early Jazz had many Jewish songwriters and musicians (George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Benny Goodman, etc…), Tango had many Jews involved from the start (Luis Rubistein, Ismael Spitalnik, Julio Korn, etc…) By the 1910s, tango was popular all over the world, and was even written in Yiddish. At 7PM, Bob will give a lecture on a few points where Tango, Klezmer and Yiddish intersect.

For more information, see the Saint Paul JCC Website

Posted by bbarnes at January 16, 2010 12:01 AM