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November 21, 2007

Max Valentinuzzi Talks History (Personal and Tango)

Our friend Max Valentinuzzi was in town last month. He is quite a tango character. He was born in Buenos Aries in the 1920s and learned tango piano as a child. In the late 40s and early 50s he played piano in various Buenos Aries tango bands while he was in college. He moved to the US in 1961 to study biomechanical engineering and moved back to Argentina by the late 1970s. His 2 daughters were born in the states. His eldest daughter lives here in Minnesota, along with Max's grandchildren and great-grandson. Max comes to visit them every 2 years or so. This is how we know him.

Max is a professor at the National University of Túcuman, Argentina. He goes to biomedical conferences around the world and presents a powerpoint presentation / concert on tango history, in addition to his scholarly presentations on biomechanics. He gave his tango presentation in Minneapolis in May, 2005 and again October 2007. This year, I was able to get Max into the recording studios of Minnesota Public Radio to record his presentation, as well as him telling his life story. Elmira Cancelada of Tango Tales edited this raw material into a one-hour program about Max's life story and 2 one-hour programs on the history of tango.

Max Tells his life story:

Download part 1, part 2

Max's presentation on the history of tango

Download Hour 1-Part 1, Hour 1-Part 2, Hour 1-Part 3, Hour 2-Part 1, Hour 2-Part 2, Hour 2-Part 3

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