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October 24, 2007

Some cleanups of Enrique Rodriguez by Ramiro Garcia

I've been emailing a tanguero out of Sacramento, California named Ramiro Garcia. He does some great work in cleaning up old tango recordings and making them "milonga ready". Many old recordings have more scratches and high-end noise than most modern ears care to hear. For instance, as much as I love DiSarli and Firpo, a lot of their best stuff is just too lo-fi to play in public. I think it's probabbly OK to play this stuff at a milonga where everyone is there to dance, but I most play at a restaurant that has a lot of non-dancers. I've had bartenders beg me to play stuff from this century because they are sick of hearing the old scratchy recordings.

At any rate, Ramiro has rescued some old Rodriguez tracks. To be honest, I have never DJd any Rodriguez because the cuts in my collection were simply too lo-fi. Well, not any more. Here are 9 cuts (either 2.25 or 3 tandas, depending on how you slice it) of some freshly restored Rodriguez. You can listen to them in the player on this page, or download a zip or a rar file of all these tracks. (55MB each)

There are a lot of DJs that "clean up" tango tracks before DJing them. Keith Elshaw of Montreal is probabbly the best of the. He does some amazing cleanups and has posted samples on his website. I've had the pleasure of hearing Keith play his restorations in a milonga on a trip to Montreal.

Posted by bbarnes at October 24, 2007 4:58 PM