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December 17, 2006

Free Tango Sheetmusic Screensaver for Download

Quick Download

I've been collecting tangosheetmusic for quite a while now. I've posted a lot of it to our website, but I've pretty much ignored the covers in favor of the contents. This is a shame, since the covers can be pretty cool. A lot people collect sheetmusic covers. If you look on ebay, you'll find a lot of really obscure sheet music for sale at inflated prices since folks are buying it for the covesr, not the contents. (Coverless sheet music is significantly cheaper).

Anyway, I used Screen Saver Creator on the 50 best covers I've come across. I've taken the liberty of adding one of our new promo shots. All the images are randomly shuffled for your viewing pleasure. Many of the source images are from the collections of Richard Lipkin (of newyorktango.com) and Max Valentinuzzi, our Tango Godfather.

To install the screensaver,
click here
and save it to your harddrive. Simply click on the file to install it.

Important note: This screensaver is an exe, or executable file. It is generally considered dangerous to just click on any .exe file that you come across on the internet. You can (probabbly) trust Mandragora Tango not to infect your computer, but you should make sure you are running anti-virus software just in case. You may not be able to install this on a computer at your office. If you have any susipicions about this file, please do not install it.

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