Mandrágora Tango: Nostalgic tango that stirs the soul and moves the feet

Mandrágora Tango is a vibrant collective of tango musicians based in Minneapolis, dedicated to preserving the nearly-lost musical forms of tango and translating them for today's listeners and dancers. Tango music defies categorization, living somewhere between classical, jazz and world beat. Mandrágora dances across those lines and creates a music that is fresh, engaging, danceable and nostalgic. Or something like that.

Welcome to our website. ¡Bienvenidos a todos!


04/21/2013: Musical Examples from Bob's Musicality Lecture
04/03/2013: Chicago & Madison Mini-Tour for Barrio Longfellow
01/01/2013: Tango Inaugural Ball
11/09/2012: Barrio Longfellow CD Release Party, Nov 9 at 4 Season's Dance Studio in Minneapolis
08/17/2012: Our New Album "Barrio Longfellow" is Almost Ready!
04/29/2012: 10 Years of Live Tango at the Loring Pasta Bar
12/05/2011: 2011 Mixtapes For Your Listenting Pleasure
11/29/2011: Our 10 Year Anniversary as a Band & Some Sunday Night Changes
10/06/2011: Fall 2011 Midwest Mini-Tour
03/02/2011: Mateo's Mandragora Musings....
12/25/2010: Our 2010 Christmas Gift to You!
11/30/2010: We are "Minnesota Originals"!
11/12/2010: Mid-West Tango Weekend: Milwaukee, Madison and Chicago, Nov 12-4
09/17/2010: Yet Another East Coast Tour!
05/14/2010: Tango Groove Party
04/09/2010: April 2010 Trip Back East
02/12/2010: Valentine's Milonga in Worcester, MA plus guest appearance in New Haven CT (Yale Tango Club)
01/18/2010: East Coast Mini-Tour
01/16/2010: Tango Concert, Milonga and Lecture at the Saint Paul Jewish Community Center
10/09/2009: Chicago CD Release Party at ATI,
10/04/2009: Mercedes Sosa, 1935-2009. Gracias a la vida.
10/04/2009: Gracias a la vida, Mercedes Sosa, 1935-2009
09/10/2009: "Siete Tandas" CD Release Milonga on Sept. 19
07/01/2009: New CD to be released any day now!
05/05/2009: 10 existential Tango lyrics that are way too nihilistic to be sung in English, even as a Country-Western song)
05/02/2009: Pre-CD-Release Milonga
04/29/2009: The original video to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" with our audio played instead.
02/25/2009: A sneak peek at our new album
01/20/2009: An Open Invitation to Mandragora's Inaugural Ball
12/18/2008: Mandragora's Christmas Gift to You
12/11/2008: Cocoa Tango Extravaganza
12/10/2008: Beginners Guide to the Loring Pasta Bar
09/22/2008: Tango Band Starter Kit
09/19/2008: MusicArte Festival in Forth Worth, TX
09/17/2008: Bob's Thoughts on Playing for Weddings
06/02/2008: June 2008 US East Coast tour
05/09/2008: Heartland Tango Festival on Mother's Day Weekend
05/08/2008: 70 of the Most Danced Tangos
04/26/2008: Tango Groove Party
01/24/2008: Moon Over Miami
01/21/2008: Lecture on Tango History
01/15/2008: A big, public "Thank You" from Mandragora to the Florencia, Surgit, the tango community and TSoM !
11/21/2007: Max Valentinuzzi Talks History (Personal and Tango)
10/24/2007: Some cleanups of Enrique Rodriguez by Ramiro Garcia
09/18/2007: Mini-tour to Madison and Chicago, Sept 21-2
08/30/2007: Musical Examples from Bob's Musicality Workshop
07/24/2007: A musical travelogue from Buenos Aries
07/17/2007: Bob's Trip to Study Bandoneon in Buenos Aires
06/27/2007: New Online-Only Mini-Album: "Mandragora Tango Live 2007"
06/18/2007: Videos now on
06/04/2007: Playing Live Music for Milongas
06/01/2007: All about our East Coast Tour
06/01/2007: Mini-review of our Milonga at Yale University
05/02/2007: East Coast Tour, May 2-6, with Homecoming Dance on May 11
04/28/2007: "Three, Four and More to Tango": A Fundraiser for Bright Prospects Co-op Preschool
04/26/2007: Dancing in the Music
04/24/2007: Tanda Club: Vals
04/24/2007: Tanda Club: Milonga
04/13/2007: Tango Divas
03/30/2007: 5 Year Anniversary at the Loring Pasta Bar
03/19/2007: Playing with Vocalessence
12/17/2006: Free Tango Sheetmusic Screensaver for Download
11/30/2006: Contest to write Mandragora's Motto in 10 words or less!
11/29/2006: New and Exciting Changes!!!
11/29/2006: Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser
11/29/2006: 5th Friday Holiday Milonga on Dec. 29
11/03/2006: Best Christmas Music Ever
08/09/2006: Heartland Tango Festival
08/08/2006: Bob's Tango Trip to Montreal
07/24/2006: 2 Milongas under the stars at Peavy Plaza (with the Big Orchestra!)
07/24/2006: Mandragora Releases their first Animated Hospital Furniture Promotional Video!
06/14/2006: A chance encounter with Maria Kalaniemi
05/03/2006: Playing Mambo Italiano on MPR
02/21/2006: Minneapolis Tango Picture Galleries
02/20/2006: Greatest Songs for Valentines Day?
01/20/2006: Full Orchestra Gig on Jan 29
11/18/2005: More Mandrágora Tango Orchestra on the Radio
11/16/2005: Guest Appearance on "The Local Show" on 89.3FM "The Current"
10/17/2005: CD Release Party, Nov. 19 at the Cedar Cultural Center
08/09/2005: New Mandragora MP3s!
07/11/2005: Where to buy Tango Sheet Music
06/23/2005: Wedding Music
06/15/2005: Goran Bregovic
05/22/2005: Orchestra Weekend Part II: Milonga at Varsity Theater
05/21/2005: Orchestra Weekend Part I: Café Europa
04/27/2005: Tango Piano House Concert w/ Max Valentinuzzi
04/19/2005: Making Mix CDs for our Sunday Milongas
04/07/2005: Tangarte
03/28/2005: Mariana Avena
03/21/2005: Noelia Moncada
03/14/2005: Sergent Garcia
03/13/2005: Richard Galliano
03/10/2005: Nuevo Quinteto Real
03/09/2005: First Post!